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Eko Tip ID s.r.o. was established in 2006 as a successor of the legal subject Alexandr Vitusko – ekoTIP, which started its activities in the field of electronic security systems as early as 1989. At the start the subject acted both as a direct supplier and a subcontractor of security systems installations for various construction companies.

Since 1994 we have specialized in the radiofrequency identification technologies (RFID) and collaborated with suppliers of these systems. Later we began the development and production of program modules and hardware components of our own. In cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Plzen, Czech Republic, we have developed an efficient entrance system called the Integral Identification System (JIS) which is constantly being extended and modified in relation to the deployment of various client services using contactless smart cards. Currently the system uses more than 15000 smart cards and contains nearly 500 card readers. The modified version of the system is also used in the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice (the IPS system).

Activites portfolio

Our company has its own development and production of software and hardware components in the RFID field. We provide complex turn-key solutions and analyses with the aim of the introduction of the most convenient system and identification media including the administration of the identification media lifecycle and their printing.

In the RFID field we provide analyses, consultancy and project management. This way we are able to provide our clients complex solution of the task. For SMEs we are offering analysis of information leakage risks and assessment of security of IT installed.

Based on our 15 years of experience we supply and assembly security systems in connection to smart cards systems. More specifically this concerns Camera Systems CCTV, Electrical Security Systems, Electric Fire Signalling and Automated Parking Systems including servicing.

We are not a big company but we have valuable know-how of our own. Our ongoing cooperation with reliable partner companies on subcontractor basis enables us to maintain high quality standards.


EkoTIP is a stable partner ensuring its customers certainty in services and solutions provided. Although we are not big, we are capital strong, thus prepared to offer optimum standard or proprietary solutions as well as solving very specific tasks of our clients.


Our clients rank among those who are not satisfied with conventional solutions of their problems. Therefore we have a “soft” approach to our customers enabling us to employ modern methods along with reliable components. We are in permanent contact with our customers which allows us to facilitate them even in smaller problems without charging them any additional price. We are aware this approach of ours grants our services an important intrinsic value.

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